wifi offload

Wifi Hotspot / 3G Offload Services

The BrowsePoint Hotspot solution support a range of dual-mode client devices that will implement the
licensed Mobile Access (LMA) protocol, an ITU/3GPP standard. LMA is a form of Fixed-Mobile Convergence
(FMC) in which the phone has a single number for both cellular and Wi-Fi networks, and automatically
hands over to Wi-Fi when it detects good reception from a suitable access point, returning to cellular when
the device loses a usable Wi-Fi signal.

More specifically, the potential exists for a user to carry a single device that leverage’s Wi-Fi coverage
where cellular reception is poor, thereby lowering telecom expenses and improving the user browsing
experience because of Wi-Fi’s higher data rates. As volumes increase and the cost of adding Wi-Fi to a cell phone falls, increasing numbers of handset manufacturers are supporting Wi-Fi on a wide range of devices.