Unified Communication

Unified Communication

BP Unified Communications Solution
Leveraging on partnerships with world class companies such as Cisco, Avaya, Lifesize and Polycom, we have the resource, knowledge and expertise to design a bespoke solution, all supported by our single biggest asset; our employees.

This product primarily targets banks or other enterprises which have multiple branches/ locations and can save costs by making internal calls. Call types include IP Centrix and Conference call bridge.


What Unified Communications Encompasses
Since we are speaking of integration, just everything at the service of communication can be integrated. Here is a list of the most common things:

  • Unified messaging and multimedia services this includes voice communication in all its forms, voicemail, email, fax and other types of multimedia elements like pictures, animations, video etc.
  • Real-time communications real-time systems involve getting immediate processing and response after input. Examples are conferencing, call screening, instant messaging, paging etc.
  • Data services this includes information delivery like web data, online services etc.
  • Transactions this covers transactions made online, through the web or otherwise, like e-commerce, enterprise applications, online banking etc.

How Can Unified Communications Be Useful?
Unified CommunicationHere are some examples of how unified communications can be useful:

  • People that rely on mobility in connection can remain connected with their softphones or wireless IP handsets even when they are outside the office or home.
  • Enterprises can considerably reduce costs incurred for accommodating workers, with all the implications, by allowing them to work from home. Moreover, remote human resource can be tapped from at no increased cost and without the normal delays due to geographical distance.
  • Web and video conferencing calls will allow for better interactivity and subsequently better productivity, thereby reducing the cost on travel and telecoms.
  • You as a business will have registrations and fewer bills to worry about, as you might be having all your services from one single provider, and be reached through one single number.