BP Metro Connections

BP Metro is an “open access” Metro Network that offers High speed, private dedicated optical services from 1Mbps to 1Gbps. Our network is highly secure and protocol transparent, Offering Network connectivity in single or multiple location for point to-point or multipoint configurations. Metro connections are especially important to the banking sector and high bandwidth consuming sectors such as government, Multinationals and education. Metro connectivity is most valuable especially with the foreseen increase in demand from enterprise customers; it will also drive the wallet Our share sales.

Fiber Broadband Internet
BP’s IP Transit service offers the best value in the market place. Powered by the most interconnected network in the world, it offers high quality, scalable and affordable bandwidth. Combine our wide choice of service locations with our outstanding connectivity to major access and content networks throughout the world.
BP is ready to offer competitive prices by leveraging on the discounted prices it receives from its suppliers.